Proper Facial Cleansing Techniques


So many times I am asked by clients about what cleanser someone should use on their skin.  Then after a short discussion I realize they are looking for one item that will correct everything.  Somewhere we have been convinced that the right cleanser is all we need to fix our skin care woes.  Finding the right cleanser is not as important as following good proper cleansing techniques.  If we don’t get our skin completely clean we are leaving makeup, dirt and oil on the skin that builds up to cause breakouts, dry flaky patches and an overall dull appearance that creates a shadowing effect, making lines and wrinkles appear deeper and pores larger.  Next time I will talk about choosing the right cleanser but first let’s practice with what we have and look for improvements after changing some habits.

Start with simply removing makeup as a pre cleanse step.  Washing your makeup off does not mean your skin is clean.  In every treatment I perform for my clients I do two complete cleansing steps after I have removed makeup.  Before I move to the next step in my treatment I am checking with white gauze for any makeup residue, kind of like a white glove test for dust.  Many times it takes one more cleanse to get everything off the skin.  Apply makeup remover to dry skin so that it will absorb into your makeup and break it down and then remove with a soft gentle wash cloth.  A facial wash cloth is a good investment but not a necessary one.

After all makeup, including eye makeup is removed, apply cleanser to DRY skin.  Yes it feels thick and like you can’t spread it.  You only need to use approximately a dime size for your face and neck. If you use any more, you are wasting expensive product and it will take four times longer to rinse.  Apply as evenly as possible and work into your skin until if feels like it has disappeared completely.  This forces your cleanser into the pores and deep into the skin where we want to get.


Now dampen your hands slightly and begin working your cleanser into a lather making sure to work every area; around the eyes, mouth, nose, chin and especially the hair line.  If you have a Clarisonic brush, which I highly recommend, this is when you will use it.  If your Clarisonic has the one minute program, follow the pattern if you have thinner dryer fragile skin and the two minute program for thicker, oilier, problematic skin.  If you need to, print out the pattern Clarisonic recommends and tape it to your mirror till you have it down.

Clarisonic brush heads should be replaced every 3 to 4 months for sanitary purposes.  If you need replacement brushes or need to get your own Clarisonic, Beauty Nouveau has brushes and brush heads available.

The final rinse step is just as important.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly and completely.  Leaving any residue would defeat all the work you just did.   Start practicing and we’ll get you the right cleanser next time.

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