Choosing the Right Facial Cleanser


Since I carry Rhonda Allison products and believe in them, I will be referring to them when I am talking about specific products but I will also refer to the key ingredients that achieve the results you are looking for.  While a cleanser alone won’t correct or solve all of your skin problems, the right one will support the corrective and repair products you are using.  I don’t get hung up on telling you which one you should use, I just want to find one that you will use.  Be sure to read my previous blog titled “Proper Facial Cleansing Techniques”.

Make-Up Remover – A gel like consistency that is safe for the eye area yet will break down and dissolve eye makeup.  It can also be used to remove all makeup.  Some makeup removers may or may not work on waterproof mascara.  Waterproof mascara may require more of an oil based product.

Milk Plus – A milky, creamy consistency this cleanser will also works great for removing makeup.  This type of cleanser is best to use after resurfacing procedures like a peel, laser resurfacing or plastic surgery because it is gentle and supports the healing process.  This is the type of cleanser doctors like to recommend because it has fewer ingredients which decreases the risk of reactions and irritation.  Milky cleansers work great on dry, mature and sensitive skin types.  One advantage is it does not require water to remove.  Even though rinsing with warm water is preferable, you can remove with a tissue.  Mix with other cleansers if you experience a more drying effect from your cleanser during the winter months.

Citrus Gel Cleanser – This is an all-purpose foaming gel cleanser.  Many doctors like this type of cleanser because it has very few ingredients and is very safe for sensitive skin types.  It will break down oil to get skin completely clean but does not have any active ingredients to change the skin.  This type of cleanser is usually safe enough to use on children at least 6 months old or on your pets.  It works well on oily skin types because it breaks oil down and gives you a squeaky clean feel and also on dry skin because it supports your natural moisturizing factors and won’t strip skin dry.  Many times in my treatment room I mix this cleanser with Milk Plus to remove masks, wax, thick heavy makeup or when I need something very gentle but effective.Skin Brightening Cleanser – This one uses kojic acid to supports melanin suppression or the development of pigmentation once it is under control.  This cleanser should be used pre and post laser treatment to prevent pigmented results from the treatment.  It is also a good idea to use to prevent acne scaring, known as Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation.

   rhonda_allison pic-page-001

Pumpkin Cleanser – The lactic acid in this cleanser will encourage hydration for dry and/or mature skin.  This particular cleanser is also full of antioxidants that are needed when skin becomes more fragile with time.  It even works well for rosacea conditions that are dry and those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis.

Beta Green Tea Cleanser – Salicylic acid helps to keep skin exfoliated and has antiseptic properties to control bacteria.  Use this cleanser on problematic skin like oilier skin conditions and especially acneic rosacea skin types.  This cleanser also has soothing properties that calm red inflammatory responses in these types of skin.

Glycolic Herbal Wash – A glycolic based cleanser will give the most antibacterial and antiseptic support for skin that needs a deep clean.  I use this cleanser in my treatment room to prep before many procedures that I perform.  Glycolic acid exfoliates skin quickly and removes surface lipids and oils in order for other treatment products to penetrate deep into the skin.  Very few people will want or need to use this cleanser on a daily basis.  I recommend this cleanser a lot as a second cleanser to have at home.  The frequency of using this cleanser depends on what it takes to control problematic skin.  I find some will only want to use this once week before applying an enzyme or mask.  Some will need to use it 2 to 4 times a week during summer months to control blackheads and breakouts.   Some may even want to use this cleanser in the evening and a gentler one like Citrus Gel Cleanser in the morning.

All Purpose Cleansing Pads – I recommend these cleansing pads with salicy

lic acid for a number of situations.  For teenage athletes who don’t have time or available facilities to always properly clean their skin after practice.  Yoga clients who keep their bikini area waxed and experience acne like breakouts in this area.  Yoga pants and sweating create the perfect environment for ingrown hairs.  If you wear a cap or a visor for your outdoor activities keep the area clean with these easy pads.  Use on problem areas that you experience cyclical breakouts.  For my “pickers”, you know who you are, those of you who can’t help but pick or squeeze every little blemish or pimple that comes up, use a cleansing pad on the blemish afterwards to clean the area and to help dry up the rest of the oil.

Keep in mind for many it is a good idea to have two cleansers at home to alternate with depending on changes that occur throughout the month.  Also, many of you will need to change cleansers between seasons from hotter summer months when you experience increased oil production and more sweating to the dryer winter months when everyone complains of feeling dehydrated.

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