Leave the turkey necks to the “old hens”


You’ve spent time and money treating your face and keeping the signs of aging away. But now you have to wear turtlenecks to hide the “chicken” like skin on your neck and chest. Your skin looks crepe and after sleeping on your side all night you have permanent creases between your breasts. Then you see your elderly aunt whose neck looks like a turkey waddle and your think she might actually gobble at you.

There is one major cause for the cackle on your neck. We all followed the advertising suggestion of cologne manufactures to apply our perfumes on pulse points along the neck and on our wrists. The idea was that you put off more body heat in those areas and your cologne would activate and increase the aroma from your own heartbeat. Then your man would be drawn to romantically kiss you because he would be allured to your scent. Did you ever lick your skin after you applied your cologne? I doubt that your man thought you tasted very good after he had the taste of Chanel in his mouth.

Your cologne has a grain alcohol base used as a carrier for the perfume, which is also a drying agent. There are also synthetic stabilizers and boosters to increase the aromas intensity and longevity. These ingredients make your skin extremely photo sensitive causing premature aging. Think of it as if you’ve had a magnifier for the sun directly on your skin. Now your skin is well on its way to uneven texture, color, wrinkles and a saggy turkey neck. How well do you gobble?


Reversing this is simple and easy, however, you will need some patience. First, spray your cologne in your hair or on your cloths, or at least somewhere the sun doesn’t shine. Your cloths and hair also will not affect the aroma like your natural oils and sweat from your skin will, keeping the original scent that you liked when you purchased that expensive cologne.

Next, start applying anything you use on your face all the way down your neck, chest and between your breasts. That includes toners, masks, serums, moisturizers and most importantly, SUNSCREEN. Be sure to also have your aesthetician include all of this area during facial treatments. It may cost a few dollars more and you may go through your moisturizer a little faster but you can dramatically improve the appearance of your neck and chest. It will take some time but hang in there. In a few months you will be picture perfect ready to wear a strapless gown or a plunging neck line.

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