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Anyone who knows me personally, comes to me as a client or follows me on social media knows that I have been recovering from a total knee replacement in May.  I have been back to work since August 1st and have been very surprised at everyone’s excitement to see me walking pain free and without limping.  So I thought I would share with those of you I haven’t seen yet what my progress is and how I am doing.

My recovery process included a three day stay in the hospital in order to find the right amount of medication for pain management.  Rehabilitation starts immediately after surgery with a constant motion machine and getting up on your feet using a walker to take a few steps.  Before I could go home, I had to practice walking up and down stairs and learn to dress myself and my incision.

I soon realized that I could not expect everything to be the same with this knee as it was with the previous knee surgery on the other knee three and half years ago.  Even though my husband, Will, has assured me that I have done remarkably better than the last time, I have discovered that one’s attitude can make all the difference in how your body can respond.  Let me explain.  After my first knee surgery, I was so excited to be pain free and back to my life and all my activities, I approached rehab with gusto, dedication and determination.  This time….I’m just over it.  I have felt frustration, reluctance and defeat. My recovery seemed to be moving at a much slower pace than the last time.  Even though my hospital stay was one day less than before and I only used a cane for about 10 days rather than two weeks, all of which is credited to my wonderful doctor, Richard Schubert.  Dr. Schubert had developed a new technique since the previous surgery that reduced his patients’ recovery time and pain levels.

DSC_0112It was time for another replacement.  An attitude adjustment is what I prescribed for myself.  God then provided the perfect therapist.  My seven year old grandson, Andrew, came for a three week summer visit.  We created a lot of fond memories for both of us that will last a life time.  He was just what I needed to remind me that there is still so much of the world to see and explore.

As his visit came to an end and spending three weeks entertaining a seven year old boy, I felt another desire returning.  I was ready to get back to work and back to the passion of my life, taking care of others and helping their inner beauty shine through.  I have always loved working in spas and creating a tiny escape where people emerge from my room looking and feeling better than when they arrived.

2015-08-03 17.36.20I have been blessed to have a wonderful husband who encouraged and supported me through my surgery, recovery and rehab.  He has an amazing creative talent and works very hard to make Beauty Nouveau what we have envisioned for others.  He works as hard behind the scenes as I do in the treatment room.  We have worked together over the last few months relocating and recreating a spa that is all about you.  You will see this with the new look  and the new location for Beauty Nouveau when you come in for your next treatment.  New services have been added to the menu like manicures and pedicures and a new Micro Peel.  I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised at how well I am doing and I know you will enjoy the new location’s atmosphere.  We have intentionally recreated Beauty Nouveau to be a Spa That’s All About You.  Come in and relax, enjoy and renew yourself.

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