To Everything there is a Season. Turn. Turn. Turn.






What do you do when you have something that you are very passionate about but it is the wrong time to pursue it?  You wait.

 What do you do when life brings you unexpected changes?  You wait.

 What do you when you have decisions to make that seem impossible?  You wait.

 Sometimes decisions are made for you and you can decide to either resist, making your life and everyone around you miserable or simply accept it and find a way to triumph from the situation.

 My husband’s job recently relocated us to the other side of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. I did not want to leave what was so comfortable and familiar to me. My business, my family and my friends were all very conveniently close by. To some of you it may have appeared as though I abandoned my work and my clients. For me it was a time of waiting and working through many tough decisions.

 After much prayer, debate and waiting, we finally came to the decision to close Beauty Nouveau and I searched for my next career move. I am now happy to announce and let everyone know that I have joined Dr. Kathryn Wood and Dermalase in Frisco. Dr. Wood, a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist, has practiced Gynecology in the Plano/ Frisco area for 30 years and currently serves her patients through Frisco GYN & Wellness. Dr. Wood opened the first medical aesthetic practice in 2000 when she started Dermalase and became the premier med spa. Dr. Wood and Dermalase continue to lead the industry with the latest cutting edge technology in the industry.

Medical Spa
Stephanie St. Aubin
Dr Kathryn Wood
Wanda Best








It is exciting for me because I am able to finally offer all of you the most advanced treatments that give lasting results with little to no down time. Treatments like the new TruSculpt® 3D by Cutera will permanently kill fat and reduce circumference through proven body sculpting technology. The Elighten III with picosecond technology offers the only 670 nm wavelength available to clear unwanted tattoos, even blues, purples and greens, which has never been done before with no scaring. The list goes on to include Skin Pen Precision with PRP, Skin Ceuticals Micropeels, Laser Hair Removal, Vascularity treatments for veins on the face and body, Photofacial, scar revision and much more.

 I hope you continue to follow along as I transition my emails about Beauty Nouveau to my blog that I always wanted to explore more options through as Live Beautiful. Be Beautiful. My goal always was to use Live Beautiful. Be Beautiful. as a way to share so much more. I like to write and do so often but have shared less in the past. I’ll stay in touch as I share stories about life, thoughts about love and advice on all things beauty related.

 As always,
Live Beautiful. Be Beautiful.
Wanda Best

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